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MinuteSteak Marketing started as a digital marketing agency focusing on Social Media MMA (Management, Marketing, and Advertising) and certified Google Ads services. Over the years, we have had to adjust and redesign many of our clients’ websites for it to work with our advertising campaigns, so much so that we decided to launch our own Website Division.

Here are some of the latest projects we have been working on:

Alchemy Apothecary
Studio Fox
KMP Media Group
Phale’s Designs

We have many, many more available on request.

Your Project:
ADM Credit Consultants

Website Type: Standard WordPress Website
Number of Pages: Multiple
Deadline: 13 April 2021

We understand that you have a website builder employed to manage your project but that the project is still hanging. What we can offer you is a custom-built WordPress Website with a quick turnaround time. This website will be built from scratch on the WordPress platform and won’t require you to supply social media links and other requirements dictated by a theme or template.

Furthermore, if we host your domain on our servers, we will maintain your website on a continual basis. This means that your website will never get outdated once any PHP, WordPress, or any other software updates occur in the background. You will also enjoy technical support via WhatsApp, saving you from the burden of call centers or unanswered calls. Simply put, we build your website from scratch, and we know how to repair it, edit it and expand it according to your needs — without having to outsource it to third parties.

Managing your website exclusively within the offices of MinuteSteak Marketing means that once you contact us for help, we don’t have to phone around to get a matter resolved — saving you both time and money.

The DEBT RECOVERY professionals

ADM Credit Consultants Website

What we propose for your website is a strong landing/ home page with clear calls to action (Call Now Button, WhatsApp Button, Contact Form and direct email links, whatever you deem suitable).

We will also register your website on the Google Search Console, included in the cost of the website.

Additional pages such as “Our Team”, “About Us”, “Reviews” and Contacts as can be added.

We also build responsive contact forms using Conditional Logic coding. This means that we are able to shape the contact form according to user input. This makes it possible to create powerful order and query forms based on your requirements.

All our websites are tested on Desktop Monitors, Laptop Screens, Tablets, as well as Large and Small mobile devices. Thus, your website will be fully responsive on any device it is viewed on.

Additional Costs and Considerations

– We have a Premium Business Hosting service at R200pm which includes website and email hosting as well as all maintenance and updates as well as technical support. If you sign up for this, your domain is included and your site will be hosted on our servers and looked after by our tech team. You will also get free email accounts such as

If you do not host with us, it is very important that we purchase your own license for the site software we use to build your WordPress site. In this way, we can set up auto-updates for you, so that your site can update automatically. Unfortunately, sites do break when one update isn’t compatible with other plugins. In these events, you are welcome to contact us for an urgent repair at an additional cost.

– We offer a full-house marketing service which means that you can get Accredited Google Ads services, Graphic Design, Printing Services such as business cards, flyers and brochures, and promotions all under our roof. Please ask to be quoted on any other services you might require.

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