As we approach 2020 with the speed of light, there is no excuse not to have a website for your business. Having a business without a website in this day and age, is like relying on cold calling as the only marketing strategy to ensure business growth.

Even without a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, a website gives visitors the ability to find you online and learn everything there is to know about your business, while giving you the ability to point customers to your website with a simple link (URL) shared on your social media networks, flyers and other marketing material.

Just like your Facebook page and other social media networks serves as your shopfront and customer service desks, your website is your online showroom.

This is where potential clients can view your business’ services offerings as well as everything going on inside your business structure. If built correctly, your website can educate potential client on your brand and all that it stands for, show them what you offer and ultimately, capture leads and secure sales.


You might be familiar with the usual excuses, “I’m building my own site on Wix but just don’t have time to complete it.” or “What is a domain and how do I connect my Wix site onto one?”.

Truth is, there are more excuses than actual solutions.


"It's too expensive to set up"

This is one challenge we have provided solutions for all across the digital marketing sphere. Simply untrue. When contracting MinuteSteak to build your website, you can get started from as little as R1500. Of course, more complex sites require much more work and expertise, and that comes with a price. But, if you want a professional WordPress Website, we can help you out from as little as R1500.

"I'm no writer, what can I possibly put on my website?"

Did you know that MinuteSteak Marketing was founded by a former Editor and Journalist? Needless to say, its founding director made sure that content creation within the company is one of its strongest and most expert qualities. If you can’t provide us with content for your website, one of MinuteSteak’s content creators (made up of language majors and former journalists) will be in touch to gather all information needed to populate your website.

"I don't even know where to get started"

You may not be able to tell “hosting” from “domains”, but we are. Simply call us up and say “Dudes, I need a Website” and we will hook you up with everything you need, right there and then.

"I've had a website and it didn't bring in any business"

That isn’t the purpose of your website. Sure, if you integrate your website into your digital marketing strategy, it serves a new purpose. Lone-standing, however, your website is meant to be an online representation of your physical business — a showroom of sorts. So, get that website back online. Truth is, when faced with a choice between two competing companies, one with a website and one without, a new prospective client is likely to feel more comfortable with deciding on the company that has a website.

"I have a website, you can visit it at

Quite frankly, free online website builders are a great solution if you want to direct your first two customer to a price list, service catalogue or company profile online, but that’s where it should end.

While many Joe Publics don’t necessarily notice your domain and the limited, rigid framework your website is built in, many people will, especially when your target market comprises is mainly other businesses.

Free, unpersonalised domains and websites that are uniform with many others built on the same platform can easily come across as cheap and desperate, giving visitors the impression that you aren’t as serious about your business as you claim to be.

Simply send us your website URLs for a complete do-over on the powerhouse known as WordPress and we will throw in your own professional domain, all professional email accounts you need ( as well as hosting. We promise that the price surprize you in all the good ways.


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